The incredible adventure of Nemboro shamanic masks brought back to life by a French decorator

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

Made in the Darién forest, in Panama, by women from the Embera and Wounaan tribes, the masks from Ethic & Tropic are both decorative and bring good vibes. Ethics & Tropics Corinne Bally, founder of the Ethic & Tropic brand, has relaunched the manufacture of nemboros, traditional shamanic masks of the Panamanian Embera and Wounaan … Read more

INTERVIEW – Olivier Véran: Down with the masks! – Gala

INTERVIEW – Olivier Veran Down with the masks Gala

The government spokesperson recounts his daily life as a minister and its repercussions on his intimate life. In a book, he looks back on the season in hell he experienced during the Covid crisis as Minister of Health. Meet. Last spring, before slipping to Emmanuel Macron that he wanted to be part of a new … Read more