Photography – Malick Weli retrospective in Dakar: “Religion is erasing certain values ​​among us” – Lequotidien – Journal d’information Générale

Photography Malick Weli retrospective in Dakar Religion is erasing

More than his name, it is his works that make him famous. When we talk about Malick Weli in Dakar, we are not sure who we are talking about, but it is enough to show his portraits taken in emblematic sacred places of the capital, to know that it is one of the best portrait … Read more

“Under the wing of the angels”, hated be who Malick thinks

The horoscope of the week from July 1 to 7

An ethereal black and white chronicle of Abraham Lincoln’s rural childhood, AJ Edwards’ first film, produced by his mentor Terrence Malick, is suffocating under the tics and clichés of the great auteur film. “Just as I refuse to be a slave, I refuse to be a master. This is my idea of ​​democracy.” Such, however, … Read more