How to follow the lunar calendar to garden with the moon in 2023?

Gardening with the moon is a practice that can be used by everyone. You don’t need to understand astrology to do this, but using this lunar calendar will deepen your knowledge in this area. It’s a wonderful tool if you’re looking to improve your gardening skills. These calendars contain information on the best time to … Read more

Lunar calendar January 2023: rituals to boost your confidence and attract luck!

Lunar calendar January 2023 rituals to boost your confidence and

What a start to an already tumultuous and exciting year! While it hasn’t even been a week since we said goodbye to 2022, we know that 2023 is already looking promising! If you’re one of those people who live their lives by the stars and the phases of the moon, you’ve come to the right … Read more

The truly lunar Pierrot Lunaire by Marlene Monteiro Freitas

The truly lunar Pierrot Lunaire by Marlene Monteiro Freitas

More the Portrait Marlene Monteiro Freitas from the Autumn Festival advance the more we can grasp that the dissonances of this unique artist overflow from her backyard. In a choreographed staging of the Lunar Pierrot by Arnold Schönberg, she delivers a show in 21 takes that is as delirious as it is disturbing. Pure Marlene! … Read more

Lunar calendar 2023: a year that promises us the moon?

Lunar calendar 2023 a year that promises us the moon

As 2023 gradually shows the end of its (an)nose, we have identified the future movements of the Moon in order to anticipate its repercussions on our lives. After a very eventful year 2022, will the year 2023 be more lenient astrologically speaking? Full moons, new moons, eclipses: we detail here, with this new lunar calendar, … Read more

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: Noticeable Effects on Earth Signs

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When will the full moon in November take place under the constellation of Taurus? Rare fact, the lunar star in all its roundness will be doubled by a lunar eclipse. Let’s see which zodiac signs will be impacted. Summary The full moon is one of the most emblematic phases of the natural satellite of our … Read more

September lunar calendar: 5 magical activities to invite good luck into your life!

September lunar calendar 5 magical activities to invite good luck

That magical moment is almost here! But what exactly are we talking about? Well, a new month that opens the door to a whole new season! And with it comes the influence of the moon, which caresses the vibrations of the earth and fills us with its powerful energy. In fact, it is not necessary … Read more

Lunar Eclipse of May 16, 2022: what will be its effects for your astro sign?

The celestial phenomenon of the lunar eclipse will be visible from 5:29 a.m. on Monday, May 16, 2022, dressing the face full of the moon of an orange-red color. This planetary alignment that takes place twice a year is an energetic portal that drives consciousness to close cycles. Eclipses take place during the new and … Read more

A total lunar eclipse visible over part of the globe

A total lunar eclipse visible over part of the globe

Posted yesterday at 8:11 a.m., updated yesterday at 5:26 p.m. In images, in picturesThe “Blood Moon” is observable when the Sun, the Earth and the satellite, in its full phase, are perfectly aligned. The phenomenon occurs twice a year. Some Earthlings witnessed a total lunar eclipse on the night of Sunday May 15 to Monday … Read more