WELL-BEING These 3 simple and quick yoga exercises that Alexandra Rosenfeld loves to keep in shape – Here’s

Leah Remini actrice et ex membre de la scientologie denonce Critiquer

Alexandra Rosenfeld regularly shares yoga poses on her Instagram account. A great follower of this sport, the former Miss France has even become a teacher. Here are three of the simplest yoga poses she performs to get off on the right foot. It’s time to (re)discover the benefits of yoga. This discipline can impress and … Read more

Laeticia Hallyday in XXL neckline to celebrate a boy she loves “madly”!

Leah Remini actrice et ex membre de la scientologie denonce Critiquer

Very active on social networks, the widow of Johnny Hallyday frequently shares her daily newspapers with her fans. In addition to posting pictures of her late husband, Laeticia Hallyday also reveals photos of her daughters on her Instagram account. Moreover, one of the latter celebrated its 14th birthday a few days ago. A happy event … Read more

The 3 coolest signs of the zodiac: everyone loves them!

The 3 coolest signs of the zodiac everyone loves them

Be pleasant and attentive, put people at ease and make them laugh. These are the characteristics among others, friendly people who attract everyone with their fun and warm side. It turns out that these characteristics are the prerogative of certain signs of the zodiac who are more likely to have this “nice” side. They are … Read more

Loves: the law of our attractions

Loves the law of our attractions

Psychologies: How does the psychoanalyst that you are explain the strong attraction that guides us towards certain partners? Norbert Chatillon: Attraction brings together the psychic and the body. It is both an emotion of the body since chemical processes act on the looks, the skin, the secretions, but also a psychic manifestation since what “pushes … Read more