Philippe Caverivière, Agathe Lecaron, Julien Febreau: The media year 2022 seen by… Nathalie Lévy

Philippe Caveriviere Agathe Lecaron Julien Febreau The media year 2022

What to remember from the past media year? At the end of the year, invited several personalities to come back to the last twelve months, with the now traditional “Media year seen by…”. Nathalie Lévy, presenter of “En aparté” on Canal+. Read also Interview “Who wants to be my partner?”, Karim Benzema, “Lightning”: The … Read more

Clara Levy, Hildegarde Von Bingen et Pauline Oliveros : 13 Visions énigmatiques

Clara Levy Hildegarde Von Bingen et Pauline Oliveros 13 Visions

Clara Levy (1991-) : 13 Visions. Clara Levy, violon et voix. 2022. Livret en  anglais –  Discreet editions. discreet004.  Parfois le charme d’une musique est si intimement liée au lieu, aux circonstances dans lesquelles on la découvre, à l’environnement d’écoute, aux vibrations acoustiques, palpables, accueillies comme autant de phénomènes physiques qui traversent la peau, pénètrent les … Read more

Lysiane Lévy helps us to fully develop our potential

Lysiane Levy helps us to fully develop our potential

She was already taking care of people in her former life as a hairdresser and owner of hair salons. Today, she helps them develop their potential. “I started hairdressing very young, I was 16, recalls the therapist. I loved these years of hairdressing, it made me resourceful. And hairdressing is still a way, too, of … Read more

Bernard-Henri Lévy and the success, in the United States, of “The Will To See”.

Films are like ideas: they often circulate, diffuse and infuse. All the more so when it comes to a film-idea, a film-advocacy. This convolution is to be rejoiced. A few months after its release in French cinemas under the title Another idea of ​​the world, Bernard-Henri Lévy’s work of committed cinema is broadcast across the … Read more