“Forced” urban exodus. Japan, a bonus of 1 million yen (€7,300) per child to leave Tokyo! – Insolentiae

Venus in Aquarius 2023 these 3 astro signs will see

I have been sharing with you an analysis and a strong conviction for years. To sum up and make it simple, I think that the big city, the megalopolis is obsolete, and moreover in environmental terms they are unsustainable here as elsewhere. The big cities developed with the industrial revolution and the abundant and cheap … Read more

MAINTENANCE. Philippe Troussier: “Japan is destroying the comfort and predictable game of Europeans”

MAINTENANCE Philippe Troussier Japan is destroying the comfort and predictable

The only Frenchman on the Japanese bench (1998-2002), Philippe Troussier maintains a very strong link with the Asian archipelago. Last June, he was invited by the Japanese Federation for the Japan – Brazil match (0-1), which celebrated the 20e anniversary of the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, during which he led the … Read more

Seven Deadly Sins, Moonrise… here are the anime presented by Netflix during Tudum Japan

Seven Deadly Sins Moonrise… here are the anime presented by

On the occasion of the event Tudum Japan which took place this weekend, anime fans were able to attend many advertisement of all kinds, mixing both novelties and sequels of some of the streaming platform’s flagship anime. We also revealed to you yesterday that Onimushathis famous video game from Capcom, was going to be entitled … Read more

Fireworks, tomatoes, pumpkins, Japan, festivals… 13 events for your weekend in Touraine – Info Tours

Dwayne Johnson Reacts To Hawkman And Dr Fates Detailed Toys

On Fridays on Info Tours we select a series of outing ideas that we like for the weekend. And there is a big hairy program. Here are our favourites… In the ground… Saturday the Botanical Garden of Tours puts on the colors of Japan with animations and workshops around the art of living in the … Read more

Japan Expo 2022 : Rencontres avec Cécilia et Jules, les aventuriers de l’Asie – Salons

Japan Expo 2022 Rencontres avec Cecilia et Jules les

Japan Expo 2022, c’est aussi des rencontres enrichissantes comme cela a été le cas avec Cécilia de Passeport Japon et Jules  de Jules en Asie. Ces deux personnes ont l’expérience du voyage depuis plusieurs années et n’hésitent pas à le faire partager aux autres. L’un a eu le coup de foudre pour la culture japonaise … Read more

1930-1940. The Insatiable Appetite of Imperial Japan

What gift to give on a birthday according to the

“We viewed Indonesia as a country with abundant natural wealth but lagging behind in development. Japan was to go there to help them put their wealth to good use. » Whoever utters these words is not a political ideologue or an economist. In 1940, Hogi Harmuchi was a simple law and accounting student at the … Read more

In Japan, “the last shamans sell hope, but they also give it back to the most desperate”

By Philippe Pons Published on March 13, 2022 at 08:00 Reserved for our subscribers MaintenanceHeirs to disappearing ancestral traditions, the shamans of Japan help to weave links between the visible and invisible worlds. Sociologist Muriel Jolivet went to meet the last of them. The modernization of Japan has in no way affected a host of … Read more

Press release: The jewels of Japanese architecture in Japan and Switzerland

Press release The jewels of Japanese architecture in Japan and

19.05.2022 – 17:40 Panta Rhei PR AG A document JNTO_CP_Japanese Arc~_FINAL_20220519.pdfPDF – 233 kB The jewels of Japanese architecture in Japan and Switzerland enthusiasts of contemporary architecture will find their happiness in many places in Japan. For example on the island of Awaji, where Shigeru Ban’s latest masterpiece has recently inspired aesthetes around the world. … Read more