Marine El Himer converted to Islam: criticized for celebrating Christmas, she responds cash to haters

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

Made famous by participating in princes of love with her twin sister Océane, Marine El Himer then chained the reality shows as The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World, The Apprentice Adventurers 5 Where The Fifty. But the candidate is also talking a lot about her on social networks. Recently, she surprised everyone by … Read more

The response of Islam to the problems of the contemporary world (31)

The response of Islam to the problems of the contemporary

We are continuing the series of articles relating to the teachings of the Holy Quran concerning DUTIES and PROHIBITIONS with the aim of establishing lasting social peace. We hope these selected verses of the Holy Quran will be helpful to readers. HOMEWORK (continued) Humility “Say to them, ‘Who delivers you from the calamities of the … Read more

Abdelwadoud Gouraud : le sens du pèlerinage en islam 1/2

Abdelwadoud Gouraud le sens du pelerinage en islam 12

A l’approche du commencement du pèlerinage (hajj), il n’est pas inutile de s’interroger sur le sens réel du pèlerinage et sur les objectifs spirituels que son accomplissement permet d’atteindre pour un musulman. Sur, Abdelwadoud Gouraud nous apporte son éclairage dans un texte en deux parties. « Les hommes ont, vis-à-vis de Dieu, la charge de … Read more

Conversion to Islam, depression… The confessions of Diam’s in “Seven to eight”

Conversion to Islam depression The confessions of Diams in Seven

TF1Diam’s, here in “Seven to eight” on TF1, Sunday June 26. PEOPLE – She became Melanie again. This Sunday, June 26, the former French rap star Diam’s gave himself up in a long river interview given to seven to eight on TF1. Interviews that can be counted on the fingers of one hand for seven … Read more