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By Juliet – Posted on 06 Sep 2022 at 09:00 Isekai is certainly one of the most represented genres in the manga and Japanese animation industry. Here are the most anticipated series of the fall. The year 2022 will have been rich in anime and several new features, such as Spy x Family, are already … Read more

Top 30 des meilleurs animes isekai à (re)découvrir

Top 30 des meilleurs animes isekai a redecouvrir

L’univers de la japanimation ne se limite pas au shonen. Il est bien vrai que ce soit ce genre qui domine. Ceci s’explique notamment par le fait que les adolescents soient les plus grands fans de manga. De facto, leurs préférences prévalent sur les autres. Toutefois, il n’empêche que d’autres genres se démarquent. L’isekai est … Read more

Living Legend, Reincarnated in another world, The eighth son: the isekai in great pomp at Delcourt

Living Legend Reincarnated in another world The eighth son the

Delcourt Tonkam decides to give pride of place to a manga genre: Isekai. This phenomenon popularized by Sword Art Online became so huge that hundreds of titles surfaced from publishers. So much so that Delcourt Tonkam released a collection dedicated to these mangas. But what is an Isekai? Zoom in on the subject with three … Read more

Best Isekai Anime On Funimation TechRadar

Best Isekai Anime On Funimation TechRadar

With more and more anime characters being transported to a world different from their own, the market has a steady supply of isekai anime titles. However, not all of these series can be considered excellent, and good stories can be easily drowned out by dozens of lackluster ones. For newcomers and veteran anime fans looking … Read more