La Folle Journée is heard in the countryside thanks to the Region – Fragil – Culture, society, citizens’ initiatives

La Folle Journee is heard in the countryside thanks to

It’s 8:30 this Friday. The day has just dawned in Drefféac, a town of 2,300 inhabitants located near Pontchâteau, 50 km from Nantes. There is no theater here. So when a bus comes to settle on the church square to play baroque music, it’s an event. “I learned last night from my daughter that there … Read more

You’ve heard of Red Hulk, but what about Red She-Hulk? – Tech Tribune France

Youve heard of Red Hulk but what about Red She Hulk

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Red Hulk aka Thunderbolt Ross is making his Thunderbolts debut. But there is another character, Red She-Hulk, who is an extremely interesting and awesome villain in Marvel comics. And she’s none other than the daughter of General Thunderbolt Ross and Bruce Banner’s first love, Betty Ross. So let’s explore … Read more

Provincial elections: Alma wants to be heard – Le Lac-St-Jean

Provincial elections Alma wants to be heard Le Lac St Jean

By Yohann Harvey Simard – Local Journalism Initiative Reporter The municipal council of the City of Alma presents the priority issues for the municipality as part of the 2022 provincial election campaign. “The municipal issues in the current context are numerous and require significant action. We are counting on the next government to support cities … Read more