Do you know the HEAL method, to train your brain to be happier in 4 steps?

Do you know the HEAL method to train your brain

Recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience have confirmed the theory of neuroplasticity, the process by which neurons can be created, reorganized and improve the efficiency of their communications with each other. One of the exciting implications of neuroplasticity would be that we could deliberately cultivate certain brain states rather than others. In short, we … Read more

12 Scents That Make Us Happier According To Experts

12 Scents That Make Us Happier According To

These 12 fragrances distil splashes of well-being to soothe us, reconnect us, anchor us to the ground or make us soar. The aromachology boom They can increase self-confidence, boost concentration, amplify the state of relaxation and even improve the quality of sleep… Because the odorous molecules present in the air activate the olfactory receptors directly … Read more