Esotericism 2.0: when young people try their hand at divinatory practices – Vatican News

Esotericism is fashionable, especially among young people. Magic rituals and initiations to the divinatory arts abound on social networks. But these practices are far from trivial. Lighting. Interview by Manuella Affejee – Vatican City Astrology, divination, cartomancy, mediumship: these esoteric practices have been on the rise for a few years and are arousing more and … Read more

The meaning of the letter M in the palm of the hand revealed

The meaning of the letter M in the palm of

Considered strange by some, palmistry is a divinatory art that has been practiced for centuries. Originating from Hindu astrology, this practice is found in ancient Chinese divination texts. Mastered by Aristotle, he later passed it on to Alexander the Great, who used it to learn more about the character of his military officers. In this … Read more