I dreamed that I was losing my hair: what does that mean?

1674321752 I dreamed that I was losing my hair what does

If the hair loss is associated with illness and stress, its dreamlike symbolism is charged with positivity. “The theme of hair in general is fascinating. When the dream is mainly about this element, we can expect a sequel”, assures Chantal Motto, psychotherapist and author of Deciphering your dreams to properly guide your life (Ed. InterEditions). … Read more

Hair loss for 50-year-old woman: How to stop hair loss naturally during menopause?

Hair loss for 50 year old woman How to stop hair loss

Female androgenetic alopecia – a fairly common problem that affects many women around the world. For those of you who are unaware of this term, it is hair loss in women which, in the majority of cases, occurs at menopause. Why ? Are there effective treatment and means of prevention? Our editors tell you everything. … Read more