What is your guilty pleasure according to your zodiac sign?

What is your guilty pleasure according to your zodiac sign

Astrology is an ancient discipline that studies the effect of the stars in the sky on human personalities. Often we can learn unexpected aspects of an individual’s personality simply by looking at their astrological birth chart. And yes, the planets can influence the way we interact with others, but also those little habits that we … Read more

Your Guilty and Perhaps Unmentionable Pleasure, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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And while it’s easy to be embarrassed by a habit or hobby you can’t let go of, we think it’s time to embrace these harmless vices as part of what makes us unique. That’s why we asked Best Life’s resident astrologer to give us his thoughts on each zodiac sign’s guiltiest pleasure. Keep scrolling to … Read more

The Sally Clark case: guilty of being a mother

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When sexism and statistical ineptitude lead to miscarriage of justice The judicial annals present cases whose simple account is enough to make people perplexed about certain failures of justice in a developed country, endowed with reputedly reliable judicial institutions. Some of these cases, which one would like to think were aberrations, were the rule, not … Read more