Futuroscope: we tested the new Tornado Hunters attraction

Futuroscope we tested the new Tornado Hunters attraction

Thrills, Futuroscope intends to make its visitors experience them with its new attraction called Chasseurs de tornades. Open this summer, it uses technologies never before seen in a park. CNEWS was able to test it and discover behind the scenes. Four years of work and an investment of 21 million euros were necessary to create … Read more

Futuroscope: Tornado Hunters, new for 2022

Futuroscope Tornado Hunters new for 2022

The park, which specializes in science and the future, has invested in new creations, including the latest crazy attraction which will be inaugurated on July 2, 2022. And you can even sleep in a space base! Summary [Mise à jour du 23 mai 2022] Specialist in futuristic and scientific mode attractions, the Futuroscope inaugurates prodigious … Read more

We have classified (objectively) the attractions of Futuroscope

The Futuroscope is a wonderful place. Far from the brawling kids who demand to see Mickey, far from the music of the indomitable Gauls, the park appears as an oasis of serenity in the middle of this beautiful department of Vienne. However, it remains an amusement park and not just any since it is still … Read more