The root chakra: taking care of the dimension of the foundations

The root chakra taking care of the dimension of the

Read previous articles on chakrasChakras in business or how to release entrepreneurial energyThe company’s chakras: 4 dimensions carrying meaning and balance Business Chakras The Sanskrit term for the root chakra is Muladhara, which means the foundation or foundation support. It is linked to the earth, to the concrete, to the material, to the visible. It … Read more

​Commemoration of Maouloud: The Islamic Foundations. By Serigne El Hadji Madior Cisse

Commemoration of Maouloud The Islamic Foundations By Serigne El Hadji

Throughout the ages, the lovers of the Prophet (PBUH), champions of faith and virtue, have competed in talent to express to him, with poems of indescribable beauty, their gratitude in order to be worthy of his intercession on resurrection day. It is practically essential to list all the texts that the singers of the Prophet … Read more