Marc Lavoine this Wednesday evening in Toulouse: “Forget my childhood dreams, never!”

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the essential Marc Lavoine will be in concert on Wednesday November 23 at the casino-théâtre Barrière. He will present his new album, “Adult,never”, in which he affirms “never wanting to forget his childhood dreams”. Two covers, two eras, separated by 45 years. On the cover of “Adult, never” (Virgin France), we discover an adolescent Marc … Read more

Marvel’s Midnight Suns TEST: forget the cinema, Marvel is better in video games

Marvels Midnight Suns TEST forget the cinema Marvel is better

We had the opportunity to test the long, wide and across the long-awaited XCOM-like Marvel’s Midnight Suns. What to understand how the life of a superhero works? Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the new creation of the Firaxis studio, giant of strategy / tactics behind mastodons like Civilization VI or XCOM 2 which this Marvel game … Read more