FBI ‘most wanted’ murderer found in Mexico posing as yoga teacher for 12 years: reports – Reuters

FBI most wanted murderer found in Mexico posing as yoga

The FBI has reportedly captured one of its most wanted fugitives in Mexico after discovering he had been working as a yoga teacher for 12 years under multiple false identities. Yoga teacher Leon Ferrara’s students in Guadalajara reported him missing the week before Christmas when he went missing while walking his two dogs. His friends … Read more

“The Master of the Zodiac”: Claire Keim as Madame Soleil of the FBI

The Master of the Zodiac Claire Keim as Madame Soleil

En 2004, TF1 hits hard. His summer saga Zodiac attracts more than ten million viewers. On the program: a courageous heroine, a serial killer who eliminates each member of his family one by one, and a cop on the teeth a bit lyrical embodied by Francis Huster. Two years after this triumph, confirmed by the … Read more