Disney +: the upset fairy tale: episode 4/4 of the Tech Crisis podcast: the headlong rush

Disney the upset fairy tale episode 44 of the

When we are told about studios, the United States and globalization, it’s a safe bet that a certain castle – or a certain mouse – appears in our minds, in short, that we think of Walt Disney. This symbolic institution of American cultural hegemony could not stand idly by in the age of streaming and … Read more

Catherine Deneuve and Jacques Demy: A fairy tale against a backdrop of politically engaged cinema | LeMagduCine

In early September 2022, the Venice Film Festival awarded Catherine Deneuve a Golden Lion for her entire career. The opportunity to dive back into the filmography of the actress. This month, the Magduciné has chosen to focus on its fruitful collaboration between Jacques Demy. Free Galathée from Pygmalion Cinema is a collective art. This statement … Read more