Failure of the EPP: Christian Jacob attacks Manfred Weber

VShristian Jacob did not digest the elimination of the LRs from the governing bodies of the EPP, the party of European Christian Democrats of which the LRs are members. The president of the LRs – for a few more days – directly attacks Manfred Weber, the newly elected president of the EPP, in a scathing … Read more

“The failure of a prophecy”: deluge and disillusion

The failure of a prophecy deluge and disillusion

UFO observers, in France, in 1983. YVES BOSSON/MARTIAN AGENCY “L’Echec d’une prophétie” (When Prophecy Fails), by Leon Festinger, Henry W. Riecken and Stanley Schachter, translated from English (United States) by Sophie Mayoux and Paul Rozenberg, preface by Gérald Bronner, PUF , 376 p., €25, digital €20. When Immanuel Kant advocated limiting knowledge and extending belief, … Read more