Full Moon October 2022: These 3 Signs Will Feel Its EXTRAORDINARY Effects

The FCCQ and the CCIHSM submit their demands to the

The Full moon happening this sunday 9 October 2022 in the sign of Aries will be an opportunity to refocus on oneself. The sign in which it occurs is that of initiative and assertiveness. These attributes will help you validate and accept yourself. Learn more by reading this article! Astro: what should we expect from … Read more

The French withdrawal from Mali, an extraordinary forced march maneuver

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#Mali : Dozens of containers, armored vehicles as far as the eye can see on the sides, incessant ballet of forklifts: it’s the excitement on the French military base (BAP) of Niamey, in Niger, transit point for equipment leaving Mali that France must leave within a few weeks. Exit the vast anti-jihadist operations long carried … Read more

“Elvis” sparkles in an extraordinary biopic – Les Inrocks

Baz Luhrmann signs a sumptuous and intelligent film on a King too divine for the consecrated formulas of the biopic genre. The personalities who are going through the mill of the Hollywood biopic factory this year come from an unusually high category of celebrity. The highest in fact, that of myth – so high that … Read more