The Knights of the Zodiac: all about the new animated series on Netflix that explores the origins of the saga

The Knights of the Zodiac all about the new animated

Everything you need to know about the animated series “Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas”, official prequel to “Knights of the Zodiac”, available now on Netflix! Despite the immense popularity of the Knights of the Zodiac cartoon in France, many are unaware that several series derived from the Saint Seiya universe have emerged over the years. … Read more

Charles Jeffrey, the creator who explores the madness of London’s queer nightlife

Charles Jeffrey the creator who explores the madness of Londons

While waiting for our transformation into avatars in the metaverse, Numéro Homme paints portraits of very real faces: those of the fine flower of young men’s fashion designers. Gathered in Paris in front of the lens of Erwan Frotin, these designers of the future wear pieces from their own wardrobes and reveal to us the … Read more