Toulouse: Who was executed rue des Bûchers?

1659360832 Toulouse Who was executed rue des Buchers

By hanging, quartering, decapitation or immolation, executions in public places were de rigueur in the time of the Capitouls. From the Middle Ages to 1789, the latter, city magistrates, condemned criminals who had committed serious acts to this tragic end. Specific places in Toulouse were even dedicated to it, but is this really the case … Read more

Scotland could pardon nearly 3,000 ‘witches’ executed between 16th and 18th centuries

A bill supported by the majority MPs in the Scottish Parliament should come back this summer on the conviction for witchcraft of thousands of individuals. including a large majority of women. There was fire. Almost three centuries after the death of the last “witch” in the United Kingdom, the Scottish Parliament could pardon some 2,600 … Read more