Horoscope for Wednesday January 11, 2023: the day of all excesses! – Here is

In kyiv yoga in the dark to cope with the

How will this first day of the winter sales go? We reveal the secrets of your zodiac sign for Wednesday, January 11! Top start for the winter sales! Exciting or depressing day? Find out what the stars have planned for you this Wednesday, January 11, 2023. Will you succeed in matching your desires and your … Read more

VIDEO. Get back in shape after the holidays: effective sheathing to erase small excesses in “So We Move in the region”

Venus in Aquarius 2023 these 3 astro signs will see

This is episode 7 of our fitness and yoga program. “So We Move in the region” offers you to work on your abs. The session ends with cardio: get your towels, you’re going to sweat! Small excesses during the holidays? Want to keep a good resolution? Getting back to sports? We have the solution to … Read more

Sectarian excesses: “With the ‘dérapeuthes’, what the followers experience has nothing to do with care”

Sectarian excesses With the derapeuthes what the followers experience has

the essential There are many sectarian practices that have been talked about in 2021 and 2022. In any case, “it is not beliefs that are sanctioned, but deviations”, explains Me Madeleine Picton-Gueye, lawyer specializing in law. sectarian aberrations, at the Bordeaux bar. Yoga and advice, there was, at the beginning, in Picardy. But when the … Read more

OneTaste: Netflix offers a film on the cult of orgasm and its excesses in Silicon Valley

OneTaste Netflix offers a film on the cult of orgasm

Netflix took the initiative to take us to one of them: The Orgasm Industry: The Story of OneTastea company founded in the mecca of start-ups, tech gurus and the land of innovation that is Silicon Valley, which promised ” spiritual enlightenment and community through 15 minute female orgasms“. However, what started out as just an … Read more

Sectarian excesses: “White wolf”, a rapist disguised as a shaman?

the essential In December 2021, Cyrille Adam, better known by his followers as the “White Wolf”, was arrested and indicted. A self-proclaimed shaman within the community he created, he allegedly raped and sexually abused several of his disciples. Five women and one man filed a complaint. Others may follow. He denies everything. The Château de … Read more

Neo-shamanism, “Indigo Child”, “channeling”… The health crisis confirms the great return of New Age excesses

In fact, MIVILUDES points out that “The health crisis had an immediate impact, observable through referrals, more than a hundred of which relate to situations related to the subject. » Coaches, “traditional doctors”, and other gurus of all kinds have proved to be particularly skilled in exploiting the vulnerability of part of the population, adjusting … Read more