Henri IV, Aznavour, Casar… Who can pretend to enter the “Garden of personalities” of Mantes-la-Jolie?

Henri IV Aznavour Casar Who can pretend to enter the

By David Goudey Published on 2 Jan 23 at 7:16 78news See my news Follow this media Charles Aznavour, here during a visit to the Renault factory in Flins, can claim a place in this alley of the illustrious Mantais. The singer had been appointed ambassador of Mantes-la-Jolie in 2006. He had long defended the … Read more

Spirituality: meditation, a way to enter into rest

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

How do we respond spiritually to the restlessness and fatigue of modern times? How to trace a path to rest when everything around us promotes curiosity and insatiability, permanent mobility and performance, generating an unprecedented level of stress. “We have come to a point in history where stress has become universal and a very serious … Read more

La Relax-danSe®, to enter the shamanic dimension of dance

The room is plunged into silence. Participants lie on the ground, lulled by soft music and the voice of the guide. Little by little, the rhythm changes, the bodies find themselves in a standing position, explore the space, meet, create their spontaneous dance individually, then together. This is the visible dimension of Relax-danSeⓡ. But beyond … Read more