Dancing with the stars: Stéphane Legar, first eliminated from the grand final

Dancing with the stars Stephane Legar first eliminated from the

After ten weeks of competition, it was time for the final of Dance with the stars this Friday, November 11. The evening begins with a collegiate entrance in which the former participants are back before the presentation of the three finalist candidates, Billy Crawford, Stéphane Legar and Carla Lazzari. Considered the favourites, Billy Crawford and … Read more

Where does the NBA punchline on Cancún come from? A look back at the origins of a destination that has become a benchmark for eliminated teams

Where does the NBA punchline on Cancun come from A

When a team ends its season (in regular or in Playoffs), we often have this reflex to wish it a good vacation in Cancún. But why Cancun? Where does this expression come from, which is always present in specialized articles or even on TV sets? A little backtracking to find out. Cancún, Mexican city known … Read more