PSG still caught up in its losing DNA in the Champions League

There is no one size fits all meditation says Steven

Andrea Agnelli definitely knows nothing about football. The boss of the Juventuswho had lunch with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi a few hours before kick-off, regretted the little stake around Juve-PSG on Wednesday evening. Translation: “It would be more fun in my Super League. False all the way. No source of entertainment exceeds the DNA of PSG in … Read more

“Conscious” artificial intelligence? The whistleblower was actually a ‘mystical priest’ – The DNA

Conscious artificial intelligence The whistleblower was actually a mystical priest

A Google engineer caused a stir last week by claiming that one of his artificial intelligence programs was “aware”. Before explaining yesterday on Twitter that as a priest, it was “a religious intuition” and not a scientific one that led him to this conclusion. Imagine: you find yourself faced with a artificial intelligence who explains … Read more

Portrait of Céline Dartanian, shaman – DNA

Portrait of Celine Dartanian shaman DNA

DNA The Shift was born from a desire to invite you to experience what we experience as a media: connect to these poles of energy of the time, initiate encounters, spark authentic conversations, and create lasting relationships. Today, in the midst of a global health crisis, we need more than ever to create links, meet … Read more

Are you a beautiful person? You will love well working – DNA

After open space (which drives people crazy), coworking (which drives people crazy), home working (which dresses people in pilou pilou), the concept of well working is simple: pamper beautiful people for a subscription commensurate with their inner beauty… And their professional success. It’s morning. Under a bamboo canopy in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, in … Read more

The DNA of desire: how is physical attraction born?

On paper, it’s the ideal partner, but you don’t feel anything. Conversely, he/she is not your style at all, you do not completely assume the desire that you feel for this person, but it is like this: a force attracts you irresistibly and physically towards him/her. How is it possible ? Let’s discover the laws … Read more

Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac are back on DNA and it’s an event!

Saint Seiya The Knights of the Zodiac are back on

The cult animated series “Saint Seiya”, also known in France as “Knights of the Zodiac”, is coming to DNA from this Wednesday, April 27! This week, many viewers will fall back into childhood, on the occasion of the arrival of the Saint Seiya anime on the specialized DNA platform! Much more than just a successful … Read more