“Il n’est jamais trop tard pour entamer le dialogue!” Cette thérapeute azuréenne plaide pour un autre rapport aux ados

Il nest jamais trop tard pour entamer le dialogue Cette

Plus d’un tiers des 16-25 ans se disent déprimés, angoissés. Pourquoi, selon vous? L’époque n’est pas simple: covid, guerre… Sur le plan économique et écologique, c’est aussi compliqué. On est loin des Trente Glorieuses. À ce contexte s’ajoute le statut intemporel de l’adolescent. Il sort d’un milieu protégé dans lequel on lui fournissait tout et … Read more

Appointment of the Council of Ministers – The CSQ insists on the importance of social dialogue

Appointment of the Council of Ministers The CSQ insists

Class in: Business, HealthTopics : Announcement – Human Resources, CPG QUEBEC, the Oct 20, 2022. /CNW Telbec/ – The Centrale des unions du Qubec (CSQ) welcomes the appointment of the new Council of Ministers and takes this opportunity to recall the importance of social dialogue in meeting the challenges facing Qubec in the coming months. … Read more

Marion Alzieu (Ma’ company): “Bringing nature and dance into dialogue” – La Vie Nouvelle

The mountain landscape is one of the creative sources of Marion Alzieu (Ma’ company), based in Savoie. With the “Alttaï” project, the choreographer collaborates with two worlds: natural spaces and photography. “Alttai” refers to the Asian mountain range Altai (Golden Mountains, in Turkish). Why this choice of name? MYI’m quite fascinated by Altai and its … Read more

The United States eases the pressure on Venezuela a little to promote political dialogue

STOCKHOLM: Finland and Sweden will jointly submit their NATO candidacies on Wednesday, the two Nordic countries announced, despite the lingering shadow of a blockage by Turkey. With the green light by an overwhelming majority of more than 95% from the Finnish Parliament, everything is now in place for the simultaneous arrival of membership applications from … Read more

Holy See-Mexico: Cardinal Parolin in favor of a new dialogue – Vatican News

Holy See Mexico Cardinal Parolin in favor of a new dialogue

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the Holy See, the Vatican Secretary of State recalled that the Catholic Church is a valuable collaborator of States in promoting social harmony and of the search for the common good, for which religious freedom and taking into account … Read more

“Under the eye of the dragon”, dialogue with the angels

Under the eye of the dragon dialogue with the angels

Under the Eye of the Dragon – Angels, Saints and Demons by Pauline de Préval (texts) and Paul Kichilov (engravings) Editions de Corlevour/Revue Nunc, 112 p., €23 It is rare to find oneself thus, from the first pages of a book, at the heart of the invisible, a reality often forgotten, concealed, or denied today. … Read more