Why Little Demon deserves a second season | Pretty Reel

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Little Demon, the adult cartoon from Danny DeVito, his family and a host of other amazing talents, wrapped up its first season on October 20. And while it didn’t garner much attention — aside from that of a fundamentalist Christian congressman — the show told a wonderful story filled with nuance and emotional depth. Little … Read more

‘Excalibur Academy’s Demon Master’ Visual Teaser

Excalibur Academys Demon Master Visual Teaser

Leonis Death Magnus’ words came true when he woke up from his slumber after a millennium, but not in the way he expected. “The Demon Sword Master of the Excalibur Academy” is a testament to Leonis’ adventures in a new world he sets out to conquer. While the plot may feel like another cliched fantasy … Read more

Why The True Demon Valak Is Even Scarier Than ‘The Nun’

Although Valak is portrayed in “The Nun” as a habit-wearing spirit, the real demon appears as a child riding a two-headed dragon – at least according to a 17th-century demon-hunting manual. Skeptics are quick to dismiss the veracity of horror films that claim to be based on real events, but references to the demon Valak … Read more

Mangas: end of Demon Slayer, Berserk… releases for the month of July 2022

Mangas end of Demon Slayer Berserk… releases for the month

news culture Mangas: end of Demon Slayer, Berserk… releases for the month of July 2022 Published on 03/07/2022 at 10:05 Despite the approaching summer holidays, the month of July signs a busy schedule for manga lovers. Demon Slayer signs its conclusion with volume n°23, while volume n°41 of Berserk will serve as the perfect springboard … Read more