Bangladeshi Mystic Confronts Demons Through Psychiatry

When families tormented by evil spirits seek him out for protection, Bangladeshi mystic Syed Emdadul Hoque knows his prayers alone won’t be enough to appease them. Mr. Hoque conducts exorcisms. But at the same time it contributes to breaking taboos on mental health in this South Asian country, where possession and the supernatural are often … Read more

Apple confronts the demons of childhood in the music video for “Garden”

Mercury retrograde why is this period reputed to be chaotic

In her latest album, Pomme plunges back into childhood, and more particularly in the clip for “Jardin”, which transcribes the ambivalence of her feelings over this period, both a source of nostalgia and melancholy. Among her childhood memories, Pomme keeps the unfailing one of this large garden where she loved to play, but also to … Read more

[Analyse] Gabon: The case of “Guy Nzouba-Ndama’s billion” confronts the opposition with its contradictions and divisions – La Libreville

Analyse Gabon The case of Guy Nzouba Ndamas billion confronts the

The ranks are emptying around Guy Nzouba-Ndama © DR On Saturday September 18, the man who was president of the National Assembly for 19 years before going to the opposition and burning what he had cherished, was arrested at the border when he was returning from Congo-Brazzaville. In his suitcases, 1.19 billion FCFA in cash. … Read more