Religion and culture compatible with organ donation

On this June 22, national day of reflection on organ donation and transplantation and recognition of donors, a special program has been developed at the Taaone hospital center. On the program: a conference on the links between Polynesian culture and organ donation, as well as a sharing of experiences between the people concerned. The opportunity … Read more

What are the most compatible zodiac signs in friendship?

Friendship, which zodiac signs get along the best? In astrology, there are 2 major groups of compatibilities, which have energies that respond to each other. In a 1er group, we find the signs of fire and air (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) which attract each other with their dynamism and their extroversion. The … Read more

Is Felice Mazzù’s game compatible with Anderlecht?

The coach of the best defense in the Kingdom settles on the sidelines of a club that likes to put its licked football forward. A story of medicine, labels and surprising commonalities. In the imagination of the children of Neerpede, the spectacle is in the passes. They are as much a display of technical mastery … Read more