Commemoration and remembrance of the dead in African traditions – Vatican News

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

What link can be made between the commemoration of the faithful departed and the memories of the dead in certain African cultures? Elements of an answer were given to us by Father Brice Ouinsou, a Beninese priest and professor of anthropology, in an interview granted to Vatican News. He illustrated his remarks with examples of … Read more

​Commemoration of Maouloud: The Islamic Foundations. By Serigne El Hadji Madior Cisse

Commemoration of Maouloud The Islamic Foundations By Serigne El Hadji

Throughout the ages, the lovers of the Prophet (PBUH), champions of faith and virtue, have competed in talent to express to him, with poems of indescribable beauty, their gratitude in order to be worthy of his intercession on resurrection day. It is practically essential to list all the texts that the singers of the Prophet … Read more