Perfect companion: European Shorthair, Main Cocoon… which breed of cat to choose according to its astrological sign? – Here is

Perfect companion European Shorthair Main Cocoon… which breed of cat

Between the Chartreux and the Siamese, your heart hesitates? Here is, for each astrological sign, the cat that best matches your personality… To choose a feline that matches perfectly with your lifestyle and your temperament! Whether the determined Taurus particularly enjoys taking care of animals, the sociable Gemini feels fulfilled when surrounded by various beasts. … Read more

“A parenthesis”, “a cocoon”: why did Star Academy 2022 do us good?

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

“It’s the parenthesis I needed most in my life, sincerely.” On Twitter, Coralyne seems grateful, and already nostalgic. She entrusts these simple words to Internet users, while the four finalists of the Star Academy say goodbye to the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys. She follows their tears livesince it subscribed to the TF1 formula which allowed fans … Read more

Fougasses, ceramics and meditation: Antibes in a Mediterranean cocoon

Fougasses ceramics and meditation Antibes in a Mediterranean cocoon

Apartment n° 7 rented by The Home. ANAÏS BARELLI FOR M LE MAGAZINE DU MONDE Nice, its Promenade des Anglais, its international airport, its flower market. Cannes, its Croisette, its festival, its luxury window displays on the seafront. Between the two, Antibes, less famous, but no less spectacular. To be convinced of this, just walk … Read more