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The Google engineer who claims an AI program has personality

2 hours ago Photo credit, The Washington Post via Getty Images image caption, Blake Lemoine assures that LaMDA has a personality, rights and wishes. An artificial intelligence machine that comes to life, thinks, feels and converses like a person. It sounds like science fiction, but not for Blake Lemoine, an artificial intelligence specialist, who assures … Read more

Newly Released Book Claims To Tell ‘True Story Behind Bitcoin’s Mysterious Creator’

Newly Released Book Claims To Tell True Story Behind Bitcoins

Over the past 13 years, a large number of individuals have claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin, but no one has been able to prove it to the larger crypto community. In late August 2019, a marketing and public relations (PR) agency issued a press release featuring a man from Pakistan who claimed to … Read more

Method 369: how to use this technique that claims to make our dreams come true?

Method 369 is the personal development practice from the moment. It spreads on social networks where it seduces young people in search of success. So, yet another unfounded practice or really effective concept? Element of response with a psychotherapist. The 369 method, what is it? Latest trend in personal development, the method 369 is inspired … Read more

An Australian claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus

VIDEO – He introduces his companion as Mary Magdalene and talks about her crucifixion. Experts on cults are worried about the extent of his movement. His name is “Australian Jesus” on his profile Twitter. Alan John Miller, nicknamed “AJ” for those close to him, is not content to claim to be the reincarnation of Christ, … Read more