La Folle Journée is heard in the countryside thanks to the Region – Fragil – Culture, society, citizens’ initiatives

La Folle Journee is heard in the countryside thanks to

It’s 8:30 this Friday. The day has just dawned in Drefféac, a town of 2,300 inhabitants located near Pontchâteau, 50 km from Nantes. There is no theater here. So when a bus comes to settle on the church square to play baroque music, it’s an event. “I learned last night from my daughter that there … Read more

First in Belgium: a citizens’ bill debated in the Chamber, it concerns the regularization of undocumented migrants

First in Belgium a citizens bill debated in the Chamber

The authors of the petitionIn My Name” (“In my name“) defended this Tuesday in the House Interior Committee their proposal for a citizens’ law on the regularization of undocumented people. This is the first time that a collective of citizens has been able to defend a text of law in the Federal Parliament since the … Read more

For the well-being of senior citizens: Foyer d’Amour Ong launches (…)

For the well being of senior citizens Foyer dAmour Ong launches

Support for senior citizens. The ”Balance” project of Foyer d’Amour Ong fills a great void in terms of assistance to the elderly in the Republic of Benin. This innovative project aims to improve the living and working conditions of the elderly through the promotion of laws and good practices aimed at their protection, to promote … Read more