Superman Chronicles (John Byrne), JSA Chronicles and Flashpoint Beyond (Geoff Johns) land in 2023 at Urban Comics | DC Planet

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

Excellent news for French readers who will be able to discover in France from 2023 Superman Chronicles of John Byrnebut also JSA Chronicles (Justice Society of America) and Flashpoint Beyond of Geoff Johns. Geoff Johns’ JSA Chronicles and Flashpoint Beyond are coming in 2023 It was during a long interview with the editorial director ofUrban … Read more

Review Vol.3 Re:Zero – Chronicles the love ballad of the demonic blade – Manga

Review Vol3 ReZero Chronicles the love ballad of the

The attempted uprising of the semi-humans, led by the fearsome human-reptile, Libre Fermi, could be stopped at the cost of many sacrifices, but Wilhelm is not reassured for all that: he feels it, this revolt was not without doubts that a strategy of the demi-humans to drive the bulk of the human army away from … Read more

Flameseeker Chronicles: First Impressions of Guild Wars 2’s Restored S1E4 Tower of Nightmares

Flameseeker Chronicles First Impressions of Guild Wars 2s Restored S1E4

Here we are at the penultimate episode of Guild Wars 2 Season 1 content restored and revamped! The pieces are finally starting to fall into place, as Scarlet gathers more allies and monologues more of her evil plot against us. The titular tower houses an instance which is an interesting artifact of Guild Wars 2 … Read more

The chronicles of Ragidro: the “Asa fa tsy Kabary”, translation of a “Shut up and bump” –

The chronicles of Ragidro the Asa fa tsy Kabary translation

“ASA FA TSY KABARY! » … « At work, enough of palaver … » stated a Malagasy president. The formula is perhaps less innocuous than we heard it, which wanted the Malagasy people to stop talking in order to act. This wanted to state the desire for the country to enter into a form of … Read more

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What are the theories around the Queens of Keves and Agnus?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 What are the theories around the Queens

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 invites you to discover two nations that share the lands of the world of Aionios. These are led by two queens which we are going to focus on for today’s topic as we talk about the theories around these two characters. First theory: Nia and Melia are the queens of Keves and … Read more