Nîmes: “Flamenco was love at first sight, a mystical revelation” confides the artist Chloé Brûlé

Nimes Flamenco was love at first sight a mystical revelation

With Marco Vargas, Quebecer Chloé Brûlé presents “Los Cuerpos Celestes”. You were born in Montreal, how did you discover flamenco? By chance ! I studied classical dance in Montreal, at the school of the Grands Ballets Canadiens. While touring the United States with a small troupe, a dancer was asked to do a flamenco number. … Read more

5 questions to Chloé Sainte-Marie for her project Maudit silence

5 questions to Chloe Sainte Marie for her project Maudit silence

For the purposes of this new project, available today as a book-album and a show which will be presented in the Salle Jean-Despréz on 1er December, Chloé Sainte-Marie traveled to Patagonia, via Haiti. She went to meet men and women bearing the accents and the voice of their territory. In the company of Jean Morisset … Read more