Delcourt: Caesar’s Spy T3, The Rubinstein Brothers T4, La Kahina T1

Delcourt Caesars Spy T3 The Rubinstein Brothers T4 La Kahina

Comic / Critical – written by plainardthe 07/27/2022 Tags: games brothers albums rubinstein solomon fiction comics Caesar’s Spy – Volume 3: The Rubicon – rating: 7/10 Continuation and end of Caesar’s Spy with this third volume by the author duo Pécau and Fafner. Coax is Gallic but he is above all Caesar’s spy. He notably … Read more

Science and religion as friendly brothers? – The mail

Science and religion as friendly brothers The mail

Do Zen Buddhism and quantum mechanics explore the same reality? Would their tools – meditation for the first, observation and logic for the second – lead to similar discoveries? Elementary particle physicist and Zen monk, Vincent Keisen Vuillemin has just published Zen and quantum physics. When a monk encounters the Higgs boson. He suggests that … Read more