Osel: a journey to infinity, review: the crazy story of the Andalusian boy mistaken for the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama

Osel a journey to infinity review the crazy story of

Osel Hita Torres looks at the camera and smiles. He declares himself an agnostic. He is also a man who has learned to live with the most singular of stories on his back. One that the four-part documentary Osel: A Journey to Infinity, directed by Lucas Figueroa for HBO Max, will attempt to recount. But … Read more

I believe I was a Hollywood star before I was reincarnated as a boy named Ryan – I remember what happened when I died – Up News Info

1666440824 I believe I was a Hollywood star before I was

WHEN a three-year-old boy became convinced he was a Hollywood agent in his past life, his parents were baffled and it was hard for anyone to take him seriously. Ryan Hammond, 11, claimed he was the reincarnation of a man who died 40 years before him – and even claimed he remembered what happened when … Read more

Harry Potter Theory Proves Neville Couldn’t Have Been The Boy Who Lived | Pretty Reel

Harry Potter Theory Proves Neville Couldnt Have Been The Boy

A Harry Potter theory proves Neville couldn’t have been the Boy Who Lived, despite what Professor Trelawney’s prophecy says. Throughout the Harry Potter franchise, Neville is often overlooked by his teachers and peers, both for his magical ability and his forgetful nature – hence his gifted Remembrall. However, he proves from the start in Harry … Read more

What does the African boy whose photo went viral on the internet and who was adopted by a volunteer look like now?

What does the African boy whose photo went viral on

Hope, a little Nigerian boy, was abandoned on the streets. A young woman saves him from starvation. Discover all the history and what it becomes today. A few years ago, a photo of a little African boy with a woman went viral on social media. Because, the story behind this simple shot is both impressive … Read more

Laeticia Hallyday in XXL neckline to celebrate a boy she loves “madly”!

Leah Remini actrice et ex membre de la scientologie denonce Critiquer

Very active on social networks, the widow of Johnny Hallyday frequently shares her daily newspapers with her fans. In addition to posting pictures of her late husband, Laeticia Hallyday also reveals photos of her daughters on her Instagram account. Moreover, one of the latter celebrated its 14th birthday a few days ago. A happy event … Read more