The very concrete advice of Benedict XVI to be a little holier every day

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Through his homilies, his audiences, his speeches, Pope Benedict XVI has distilled very concrete tips to apply in his daily life to get closer to Christ. Far from the image of the theologian disconnected from the realities of life, Benedict XVI had a very clear perception of the difficulties encountered daily in encountering Christ. In … Read more

Tribute to Benedict XVI by Father LM de Blignières

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Tribute to Benedict XVI by Father LM de Blignières For the Church, for almost half a century, in counterpoint to relativism, selfishness and despair, Benedict XVI was a Christian epiphany of Truth, unity and joy. Cooperator of Truth What is most striking in the career of Benedict XVI is his concern to open to men … Read more

Dom Pateau: “The old Missal remained a point of reference for Benedict XVI”

Benedict XVI an acute sense of the liturgy

How will the monks of Fontgombault join in the funeral of the pope emeritus? At the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s call to God, the death knell was sounded. Then the monks sang, as for one of their own, the response Subsidy “Come to his aid, saints of God; hasten to meet him, angels of … Read more

Former Pope Benedict XVI dies aged 95, death of a pope emeritus and theologian

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Joseph Ratzinger died in the Vatican at the age of 95 this Saturday, December 31, the Vatican announced. He died nearly nine years after renouncing his office, a rare decision. His pontificate was to be one of transition, it had been marked by controversy. His Holiness Benedict XVI, Roman pontiff emeritus since his resignation from … Read more