Le Meurtre au château Nathria se répand sur Battlegrounds – Gamosaurus

Le Meurtre au chateau Nathria se repand sur Battlegrounds

Une nouvelle extension arrive sur Hearthstone, et c’est l’occasion pour Battlegrounds de se mettre aux couleur du Meurtre au château Nathria. Avec le patch 23.6, les premiers changements se font ressentir, surtout concernant les héros de la taverne. Mais certains serviteurs sont également venus en renfort dans l’Ombreterre. Changements sur les Héros Nouveau héros – … Read more

Update 23.4.3: Balance Changes for Hearthstone, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries

Update 2343 Balance Changes for Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Mercenaries

Update 23.4.3 will be deployed today in the Inn. This brings a fresh round of balance changes for Hearthstone, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries. Find all the details in the full patch notes below. Update 7:02 p.m.: The patch is deployed. Update 23.4.3, which will be released on June 16, contains several balancing changes for Standard, Battlegrounds … Read more

Battlegrounds: Blizzard introduces the Nagas, a new race in Patch 23.2

Battlegrounds Blizzard introduces the Nagas a new race in Patch

Blizzard is teasing the Naga, a new race coming to Battlegrounds with Patch 23.2 next week. On the program, Queen Azshara and a myriad of new servants will take part in the battles. Check out the details below, expecting more information over the next few days! Note: The Companions leave Battlegrounds with the arrival of … Read more

Naga are coming with Azshara to Battlegrounds – Gamosaurus

Naga are coming with Azshara to Battlegrounds Gamosaurus

Battlegrounds continue to evolve with the first hotfix patch of In the heart of the Sunken City. With patch 23.2, Battlegrounds welcomes a new family of servants, the nagas, accompanied by their queen Azshara. But a new mechanic is also coming with Sorcery. The update is slated for May 10, with surprises in the meantime. … Read more