Ultralight yoga mats, inflatable paddles, stackable bags… They will revolutionize your sporting holidays

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So that the holidays really are, our selection of new products that will revolutionize your sports activities. Adobe Stock SHOPPING- It’s decided, you’re going to play sports this summer. These innovative objects could well help you stay motivated throughout your summer stay. An ultra-lightweight yoga mat We no longer present YUJ, the brand created in … Read more

How to clean a leather bag? Easy tips and tricks to extend the life of your bags!

How to clean a leather bag Easy tips and tricks

How to clean a leather bag? In fact, there are many ways! And the first rule is: never wash it! Yes, that might sound logical to most people. Leather is not simply washable. However, you might be surprised how many people ruin their leather possessions in this way. So if you are one of them, … Read more