Aurélie Preston harassed in Les Anges : this old column of Mag de NRJ12 which revolts internet users – X Gossip

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In 2016, Aurélie Preston participated in Les Anges 8 on NRJ12. A real nightmare for the young woman who has experienced harassment from other candidates. On Instagram, the former reality TV participant unveiled an old extract from the Mag proving the relentlessness to which she was subjected. Aurelie Preston has definitely drawn a line under … Read more

Cotentin. With her wellness workshops, Aurélie helps people feel better

Cotentin With her wellness workshops Aurelie helps people feel better

By Writing La Presse de la Manche Published on 13 Oct 22 at 18:48 The Channel Press See my news Follow this media Aurélie Lemière-Siwela offers wellness, relaxation and meditation workshops. (©La Presse de la Manche) Aurélie Lemière-Siwela, from Picauville (Manche), returns to its roots to transmit their knowledge of well-being and D’self esteem to … Read more

Aurélie Preston (Les Anges) wanted to end her life, the firefighters intervened

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Aurélie Preston is a reality TV candidate revealed in The people of Marseilles in Thailand in 2015. The young woman who presented herself as a choreographer, photo model and singer was recognized at the time as a performer during dance shows in clubs in the south of France. In this first TV experience, she will … Read more

Aurélie Fischer : une photographe belge Volontaire à Auroville

Aurelie Fischer une photographe belge Volontaire a Auroville

Éducatrice de formation et de nationalité belge, Aurélie Fischer a décidé, à un tournant de sa vie, de faire ce qu’elle aime le plus : photographier le monde. Suite à une rencontre, lors d’un de ses nombreux  voyages en Asie, ses pas l’ont menée en Inde, à Auroville, où elle a travaillé pendant deux ans. Elle … Read more

Sarah Fraisou: she makes fun of Aurélie Preston who plays sports and gets tackled

Sarah Fraisou she makes fun of Aurelie Preston who plays

Not long ago, a video clip of Sarah Fraisou making fun of Aurélie Preston in Angels 8 made the rounds on social networks. And the candidate took the full brunt of the wrath of Internet users. We tell you everything! Sarah Fraisou charged in a harassment case It’s been a year since the controversy erupted … Read more