These 3 astrological signs take the longest to fall in love… arm yourself with patience!

Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

In love, no one is equal. And astrological signs are no exception. Thus, some are very lucky in the field and seem to spend their life as a couple, while others undergo an undesirable celibacy. Do these people share the same zodiac sign? It must be said that certain character traits determined by each person’s … Read more

Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm, Blata reveals everything [Vidéos]

Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm Blata reveals

Marc Blata revealed that Insolent, his right arm, had contacted him to admit that Gims had indeed resorted to witchcraft… Booba recently teamed up with the man now nicknamed “Inspector” Marc Blata in order to bring to light the few pans that Gims would have. The influencer therefore began his undermining work recently, to have … Read more