Energy crisis: these passionate individuals who adapt and who do not give up Christmas lights

Energy crisis these passionate individuals who adapt and who do scaled

Each year, several Lorraine houses adorn themselves with thousands of light bulbs and garlands to make young and old dream. With the rise in energy prices, these illuminations will shine (a little) less this winter in Meurthe-et-Moselle. But they won’t go away. Faced with rising energy prices and the risk of power cuts, fans of … Read more

How ‘health quacks’ and masculinists are pushing ‘bigoted multinationals’ to adapt

AFP Scholz’s plea to Beijing for a rapprochement despite the controversy German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pleaded in Beijing on Friday for “more” cooperation with China, despite Western mistrust of the second world power, and the two countries opposed any use of the nuclear weapon in Ukraine. “We are not in favor of a decoupling” of … Read more

Interview. Sara Alonso Gómez: “I felt a great curiosity and a great ability to adapt”

Interview Sara Alonso Gomez I felt a great curiosity and

Le Courrier de Kinshasa (LCK): How do people react in the public square? You’ve been to crowded places, what do you see in the looks? Surprise, rejection or rather admiration? Sara Alonso Gomez (SAG): It is all of these at once. We have faced all these reactions. We were confronted with a large and very … Read more

Weeding – Puy-de-Dôme communities adapt to eliminate phytosanitary products

Weeding Puy de Dome communities adapt to eliminate phytosanitary products

An interministerial decree of January 15, 2021 supplemented the Labbé law which, since 2017, has prohibited chemical phytosanitary products on roads, green spaces and walking areas: on July 1, their use will also be prohibited in private properties. , places frequented by the public and in places for collective use. It is also impossible to … Read more