‘Excalibur Academy’s Demon Master’ Visual Teaser

Excalibur Academys Demon Master Visual Teaser

Leonis Death Magnus’ words came true when he woke up from his slumber after a millennium, but not in the way he expected. “The Demon Sword Master of the Excalibur Academy” is a testament to Leonis’ adventures in a new world he sets out to conquer. While the plot may feel like another cliched fantasy … Read more

The Umbrella Academy’s Biggest Unanswered Questions and Mysteries for Season 4 | Pretty Reel

The Umbrella Academys Biggest Unanswered Questions and Mysteries for Season

These are the biggest questions and mysteries Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy must answer before the Hargreeves family album can be closed for good. From the very beginning, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has been filled with puzzles, from the origin of the siblings’ superpowers to the unexplained death of Ben Hargreeves. Season 3 of … Read more