Video. In Saint-Lô, Mélanie and Geoffrey guide you on the Way of the Drum

Mélanie Dumas runs the La Voie du Tambour store in Saint-Lô. Her husband Geoffrey is a shamanic practitioner. (©Hélène Perraudeau – Channel side.)

Perhaps you have already passed by, wondering what could possibly be inside this shop with the astonishing name, located Poterne Street, in Saint-Lo.

Opened on October 28, 2020, The Way of the Drum is oriented towards “spirituality, personal development, the search for greater well-being”. Its name refers to the shamanic drum. Inside, you will find many objects, games and books “allowing you to get better”, as its owner explains, Melanie Dumas.

“Personal development, spirituality, is for everyone”

Here, nothing obscure, or sectarian: “We want to demystify the thing. Personal development, spirituality, it’s for everyone, “says this former social worker in the public service. “With La Voie du tambour, I continue helping people, but in a different way. More in harmony with his philosophy of life.

In the shop, you will find many “tools to be better in your sneakers. And suddenly also be better with others »: shamanic drums, tibetan bowls, oracle, tarot, personal development books, pendulums, candles, stones, incense, etc.

Stones in all shapes

The stones are offered in several forms: stones, pebbles, beads in bracelets or malas (Tibetan necklace with 108 beads for each recited mantra) and pendants. “Rose quartz is love, softness, appeasement, slips Mélanie. Amethyst will help against stress or lack of sleep. Each stone has a different power. »

I want more people to become masters of their lives. I accompany them with benevolence, on this path.

Melanie DumasOwner of the Voie du tambour, in Saint-Lô.

Geoffrey Dumas, shamanic practitioner

Mélanie’s husband, Geoffrey, launched himself into self-employment, as shamanic practitioner. A total retraining for this former manager in heating, plumbing and ventilation.

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He receives in a small room, in the back of the shop. “The sessions last between 1h30 and 3 hours, depending on the receptivity of the people. It is guided meditation to allow the person to find out what is wrong. This happens to the rhythm of the shamanic drum. »

“Forest baths” and shamanic initiation courses

In addition to these introspective guided trips, Geoffrey offers, the first Sunday of each month, “forest bathing”:

It is sylvotherapy that allows you to open up to the power of nature.

Geoffrey DumasShamanic practitioner

Sessions take place in cherry forest, with ten participants. It also regularly organizes shamanic initiation courses. the next one is scheduled for March 25-27.

Practice. The Way of the Drum, 16, rue de La Poterne, 50,000 Saint-Lô. Information on 02 33 05 86 55. Shop open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Geoffrey Dumas, shamanic practices: 07 76 18 83 05.

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Video. In Saint-Lô, Mélanie and Geoffrey guide you on the Way of the Drum

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