Shamanism and co-creation: “Re-enchant your dreams to make them come true” Holom, February 5, 2023, Bordeaux.

Shamanism and co-creation: “Re-enchant your dreams to make them come true” Sunday February 5, 2023, 10:00 a.m. Holom
Limited places, on registration after telephone contact with Anma. Participation 120 euros
Experiment with shamanic practices (Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Medicine Dance, Vibratory Chanting, Shamanic Journeys) for a first step towards the realization of your dreams and your projects

Holom 91 rue Camille Sauvageau 33800 Bordeaux Bordeaux Sud Bordeaux Gironde Nouvelle-Aquitaine Free admission from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday, Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. [« link »: « »]
09 53 53 63 99 Holom is the house of wellness practitioners in Bordeaux. Open to all approaches to natural health, well-being and self-development, it allows practitioners to rent equipped rooms à la carte, and offers everyone the opportunity to discover the paths to their development.

You have dreams, projects, wishes and you want to highlight them so that they are embodied in matter make every effort to make them happen!…

You have the impression that succeeding and choosing to live your dreams is not for you and you may have forgotten that some of your dreams have already come true!..
You feel a deep desire for change, the desire for a new place to live, a new job or any other dream that leads you to choose a new path….you hear the call of your soul but you let yourself be stopped by those fears that come back at a gallop, that paralyze you or make you procrastinate..
You have the wish to let your inner child play and let him dream, to connect to your deep joy and your ability to transmute the wounds of the past, the limitations that you have given yourself or that you carry from your lineage..
You have the desire to live a dream day where you can dare to express your wishes, joyfully share what makes you dream and feel supported to move forward.
You vibrate strongly by imagining re-enchanting your dreams, you want to rediscover the joy of daring…
You want to discover or continue to experience shamanic practices to get closer to your dreams…
This day is made for you!
Shamanic practitioner for many years, I will accompany you throughout the day with the drums, the musical instruments of the world, the song and the stories channeled for you.
You will be invited to:
-Meet your Power Animals and Your Spirit Guides in shamanic journeyso that they enlighten you and accompany you in your dreams and your projects.
– Become aware, welcome, transform the fears, brakes or injuries that can block you and free you from them with the Shamanic extractions .
– Connect to your intuition and your inner resources with the Soul recoveries
– Set in motion the energies of transformation with the elements of nature in Medicine Dance,
To share your mirror experiences with each other –
– Support everyone’s dreams with Vibratory songs
and all that will present itself in the moment…
To find out more about my background and my practice, I invite you to visit my website:
The course will take place at HOLOM, 91 rue Camille Sauvageau 33800 BORDEAUX You can have lunch on site, everyone bringing their own picnic
Participation: 120 € (payment facilities if necessary)
Information and reservations with Anma by tel: +33 6 19 82 41 61
A small text inspired by my guides at the time of the creation of this course as an unfolding of our day
“Dreams, desires, desires, desire for freedom, for a long journey or a bridge to cross, for a new landscape or to change jobs, for what makes you grow or just breathe… But where to start ? What priority should we give to our wishes? What path to take, what first step to take? What if we looked with the eyes of the eagle for a broader vision to better refocus ourselves! What if we asked our Deepest Being, our Guides or our Allies to come and enlighten us, help us and accompany us, If we let go of our fears and our limitations, if we dreamed in color and took action! In the magic cauldron of co-creation, let’s joyfully deposit our visualizations, Let’s dance and celebrate to make them real, let’s vibrate the songs of the heart together for everyone Let’s re-enchant our dreams to make them come true! Anma

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