Shamanic Immersion Course, Module 1 the farm of the new mill, April 7, 2023, Callen.

Shamanic Immersion Course, Module 1 7 – 11 April 2023 the farm of the new mill
320 euros, excluding accommodation and board.
A 5-day course to meet yourself. Discover and experience shamanic practice to make it a tool for connecting with your inner being.

la ferme du moulin neuf 44.28760715229765, -0.5353172978216675 Callen 40430 Landes Nouvelle-Aquitaine [{« link »: «  {« link »: «  « link »: « », « link »: « »]

A 5-day course, in the Landes, to meet yourself.
Discover and experience shamanic practice to make it a tool for connecting with your inner being.
Develop self-knowledge.
Receive lessons from his guides and from nature.


Shamanism is an ancestral spirituality that allows us to connect to the invisible that surrounds us, but also the invisible that is within us.
To be interested in shamanic practice as a spirituality does not require becoming a shaman or a shamanic practitioner.
It is a wonderful tool to connect and open up to the visible and invisible worlds that surround us, but also within ourselves.
Shamanism allows you to meet yourself.
Mixed course.

Course of the internship

The weekend will start on Friday.
You will arrive to settle in between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
The course will start at 6 p.m. (without delay).
At the beginning of the evening, we will discuss what shamanism is and we will begin the practice.
In the evening, we will have dinner together in “Spanish inn” mode (each one brings a little something to share).
During this course, you will discover the 3 shamanic worlds (top, bottom and middle). We will teach you how to communicate with the spirits and guides of these 3 worlds.
This course is a long course to fully immerse yourself in shamanic practice.
We will practice calling for directions every morning to start the day.
We will connect strongly to our guides, through shamanic journey, dance and intuitive song.
We will also go into nature to enter into communication with the surrounding world.
Break times will be offered in order to integrate the practices and teachings of the spirits.
Several ceremonies will also be offered during the course.
If you have a drum or a rattle, we invite you to bring it.
Other marvelous drums will be lent to us by Les Tambours de Bourroucéliande. Their page here:
A more exhaustive list of what you need to bring will be communicated to you once your registration has been validated.

The reception place

You will be welcomed at the Ferme du Moulin Neuf, in Callen in the Landes, an isolated and wild place in the middle of nature.
Limited number of places.

Rates per person for the whole stay

  • Educational costs: 320 €
  • Full board accommodation (homemade meals, vegetarian and from local seasonal products):

– Camping: 148 € (unlimited places)
– Collective dormitory: 180 €
For Friday evening, plan a dish to share.
Possibilities of carpooling with the other participants.


Reservation required, limited number of places.
To register, please complete the registration form by clicking on the link below:
Registrations will only be validated upon receipt of the duly completed form and receipt of a deposit of €160.
In the event of cancellation of the course on your part before March 8, 2023, half of the deposit (80 €) will be refunded. After this date, no refund will be made except for compelling medical reasons.
If the deposit is not received, after one week (and without news from you), the place will be made available again.
Once your registration has been validated, you will receive an e-mail 10 to 15 days before the start date of the course with the list of participants for carpooling as well as things to bring.
If necessary, terms of payment in installments can be made.
The course is strongly discouraged for anyone with psychological disorders.
Each participant is responsible for his person and his health. Sylvain and Barboka are not liable for any material, bodily or other damage.


If you have any questions about the content, you can contact Sylvain by phone at (by e-mail: or Barboka at (by e-mail:

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):