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DNA The Shift was born from a desire to invite you to experience what we experience as a media: connect to these poles of energy of the time, initiate encounters, spark authentic conversations, and create lasting relationships. Today, in the midst of a global health crisis, we need more than ever to create links, meet and introduce you to those who think and make the world of tomorrow. A portrait, an encounter.

How can shamanism change our view of the world?

Celine Dartanian: It is rather theanimism who has this power. It is a way of seeing and being which considers that all living beings, human and non-human, whether animals, plants, minerals, or elements of nature such as wind or rain, are sacred. It is therefore a completely different relationship with what surrounds us. As everything is sacred, everything is on an equal footing. And so everything is connected. Everything is one.

Is the imbalance that we have created with nature, by considering that it was at our service, the cause of our environmental problems?

CDs: Our main problem is that we have desacralized it. The Anthropocene era has placed us above the living when we should be on the same level as it. We are our own Trojan horse. For centuries, philosophies and religions have constantly put human beings on a pedestal, disconnecting them from nature… The living is not at our service. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Normally we should have more duties than rights, but we feel like we have all the rights.

However, scientists have demonstrated that Sapiens is not a different species from the others. Today, we are evolving towards more humility?

CDs: That’s a fact. We increasingly see nature as our equal. This is visible, for example, with progress in biomimicry, which makes it possible to draw inspiration from the innovation of living organisms to design technologies. The second thing is that we always learn more from nature. Thanks to science, we have discovered that beings that we consider inanimate communicate with each other. An invisible bond unites them. This is what the best-selling book “The Secret Life of Trees” has brought to light. In the forest, the trees talk to each other and stand together. There are also people like Valérie Cabanes who are working on a paradigm shift. This jurist in international law wishes that the elements of nature are recognized as legal entities, which would better protect them. This is already the case in India where the Ganges has been recognized as its own legal entity. This is also the case among the Maori in New Zealand. The parliament even paid them 52 million euros in damages. Through this type of action, we are giving back some power to nature.

How can we more effectively restore the link that unites us to the living?

CDs: There are several ways to achieve this. We must first question our lifestyles. Does our consumption disrupt the natural cycle of things? It’s complicated to bend the curve because we are collectively engaged in a system that is very difficult to stop. Then, if you really want to reconnect, the best thing is to be in the middle of nature. Not in the Bois de Boulogne for 2 hours, but in totally wild nature for several days. There one can experience what the Romanian historian Mircea Eliade called the “numinous“, that is to say this kind of vertigo that makes you feel very small in front of nature. Another very effective means is action. Get people to sign petitions against ecocide, take part in marches. All the shamans I know are very militant. This reconnection to nature can also be done through rites of passage. This is what allowed ancestral communities to be united and each individual to understand the value of their place.

How do you contribute to this reconnection?

CDs: First, I chose to put the shamanism at the service of the human community. Then I made it my mission to bring the discourse on animism in the West. There are 370 million animists around the world. They are everywhere, except in Europe.

A mantra that symbolizes the change you want to drive?

CDs: Everything is ONE.

Your challenge for 2020?

CDs: I am in the process of launching a laboratory specializing in medicinal plants. We offer the whole world ancestral medicines, considered by the WHO as universal care, while fairly rewarding the communities that are the repositories of this knowledge. The incubation is over. We are in an acceleration phase in Sophia Antipolis. I also want to bring out of the ground the subjects linked to animism, which represent a key to saving tomorrow. I would like people in the West to think about the resacralization.

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Portrait of Céline Dartanian, shaman – DNA

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