Norway: Princess Märtha will wed with her Californian shaman

Lhe stars finally seem to be well aligned for Princess Märtha Louise of Norway: after three years of a sulphurous affair with Durek Verrett, a Californian shaman who has become her soul mate, the wedding would be planned by the end of the year. In any case, this is what the American guru suggested in a program broadcast on Instagram, as spotted the magazine Gala. When one of his followers asked him if he wanted to marry the Princess of Norway, he replied, “At the end of this year, my brother. “No official press release has yet come to confirm the information, knowing that the subject remains delicate for the royal palace in Oslo…

For Märtha Louise, 50, this is the epilogue of an atypical story born one day in 2018 on the heights of Los Angeles. At the time, a friend told her about Shaman Durek, the character intrigued her, she wanted to go meet him in his Californian lair… The eldest daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja, mother of three daughters, had just come out of a divorce with the writer Ari Behn, she was looking for a new meaning in her life, a singular princess who has always been marked by a deep spirituality – she had intrigued the kingdom by opening an alternative therapy center known as “The School of Angels”where one could learn to speak to the seraphim…

Friend with Gwyneth Paltrow

Between these two, the spark is immediate. Durek Verrett, of Afro-Creole and Norwegian origin, studied shamanism with the Lakota and Cherokee tribes, passing through the Haitian, Nigerian and Hawaiian tradition. He immediately considers that their meeting was inevitable, obvious, programmed by the celestial powers, and convinces her that they have already loved each other in Egypt, in Antiquity. “I have memories of both of us,” he confided one day. She was my queen, I was her pharaoh…”

When they meet, Shaman Durek is already a famous guru, close to the stars, friend of Gwyneth Paltrow, the high priestess of a very lucrative business around personal development and spirituality. Advised by two managers, assistants, a lawyer and a media manager, Durek Verrett, 47, charges $1,000 per hour for shamanic readings or energy regeneration sessions, with the release of toxins and the opening of synapses…

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New Rasputin

When Märtha Louise formalizes her relationship in the spring of 2019, critics are unleashed against the shaman, suddenly compared to Rasputin and accused of misleading the princess who is coming out of a divorce. It is certain, the charlatan mage is eyeing the beauty’s fortune and wants to take advantage of her notoriety… Märtha Louise counter-attacks and assures that Durek has changed his life: “My choice, it is love that dictates it to me, that’s all, she reacts on her Instagram account. And to those of you who feel the need to criticize me, calm down. It’s not up to you to choose for me or to judge me. I do not choose my man in such a way as to meet your expectations or the standard or the box in which you have decided to lock me…”

As in any good fairy tale, their story will have to overcome obstacles: the reluctance of the sovereigns, who end up giving their blessing, the suicide of Märtha Louise’s ex-husband in December 2019, which moves public opinion and obliges to postpone the engagement, without forgetting the Covid and the confinements which keep sulphurous lovers away… The press revels interviews without taboos of the shaman Californian, who has never hidden his bisexuality and recounts in detail his intimate life with the princess, claiming that he could honor her up to four times a day by practicing tantrism…

But Märtha Louise is holding on, hugging her newfound happiness and now sharing her life between Norway and the United States, close to the guru of her heart. In Vanity Fair, in 2020, the sister of Crown Prince Haakon recognized that if America was open to all cultures, her country was still very conservative on the subject. “I should be with a CEO or a lord, someone of some high rank. Being with a shaman is very, extremely, terribly off the beaten track. It’s crazy… “

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Norway: Princess Märtha will wed with her Californian shaman

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